There’s no water in my brine tank

Aquasure Support
Aquasure Support

There are a couple of things that can prevent water from refilling in the brine tank.


  1. There is not a strong seal between the brine line and float valve assembly connection point 
  2. There is some type of clog within the brine line or brine fill injector 
  3. There was no water added to the brine tank upon installation 


To troubleshoot:


  1. Disconnect the brine line from the float valve assembly connection by pressing inward on the small black collet and pulling the line free at the same time.
  2. Blow air into the brine line to remove any potential clogging material from the line 
  3. Reattach the brine line to the float valve assembly connection by applying a small amount of silicone grease or food grade oil to the tip of the line and fully inserting the line into the quick connect. Lightly pull on the line to ensure there is a strong connection between the line and quick connect. 
  4. Add enough water manually to match the current level of salt in the brine tank. 
  5. Run a manual regeneration and confirm water is filling on the brine fill stage (last 12 minutes of regeneration cycle)

*If no water is filling in the brine tank within the first few minutes of the brine fill cycle, disconnect the line from the float valve assembly and see if water can then flow freely into the brine tank.