The softener is not using salt

Aquasure Support
Aquasure Support

There are a few things that can cause the softener to not use salt.


  1. The gallons are not tracking down correctly 
  2. The brine line does not have a strong connection at the float valve assembly connection point 
  3. The gallons are set too high for the home’s needs and the unit is not regenerating as frequently as needed 


To Test the Gallons Tracking:

  • First, make sure that the system has been in the normal service position. The red valves should be parallel if they are in the normal position. If the system is placed in bypass, there would be no movement of gallons because there is no water flowing through the system.
  • Reinsert the prong/meter cable in the back of the control valve head and make sure it is inserted all the way into the meter insert. You should feel it drop down into the insert and not move down any further if it is inserted properly.
  • Next, make note of what the gallons are set at currently, and then run the nearest faucet to the water softener for 3-4 minutes. Check the screen and let us know if the gallons moved or if you see the flow meter indicator. If you do not see any movement in the gallons, then please also test a bathroom faucet as some homes may be plumbed differently but most homes almost always have the bathrooms plumbed to receive soft water.
  • If there are still no gallons counting down or flow indicator, then please press down on the prong connection so that the cord of the connection is pressed at a right angle. This will add a bit more angled pressure to the connection to see if the end of the prong responds to gallon tracking on the meter. After this is done run the faucets again to see if we notice the gallons are starting to count down or if you are seeing the flow meter indicator.

To Test the Brine Line Connection:


Press inward on the small black collet and pull the brine line free at the same time.


Apply some silicone grease or any food grade oil to the tip of the line and fully insert the line into the quick connection. Lightly pull on the line to ensure there is a strong connection. 


Run a manual regeneration and confirm the brine draw is responding properly. 


Check Your Gallon Count:


Use our gallon calculator to ensure you have the correct