The softener is not drawing any brine water

Aquasure Support
Aquasure Support

If your water softener is not drawing any brine water during the regeneration cycle, disconnect the brine line from both connection points, one at the control head and the other at the float valve assembly. 


  1. Check for any potential clog in the line by blowing air through it first.


  1. Next, apply some silicone grease or food-grade oil to the ends of the line and reinstall it into the connection points. Lightly pull on the line to ensure there is a strong seal.


  1. Manually remove water from the brine tank to bring the water level down to half a tank full.


  1. Start a manual regeneration by pressing and holding the recycle button until you see ‘goto bw’ and let release the button.


  1. From there, allow the first 15-minute cycle to pass, then monitor the next cycle for the brine draw or ‘bd’. 


You should see water lower within the brine tank within the first 10 minutes.


  1. If no water is lowering within the brine tank, disconnect the brine line from the float valve assembly connection and submerge it below the water level to test for suction separate from the float valve assembly connection. 


If water is still not lowering, stop the regeneration by pressing the UP and DOWN arrows together at the same time. 


Your screen will say ‘goto sr’ for a few minutes and then take you back to the main screen. 


Next, try the troubleshooting for checking the brine fill injector here.