How Do I Check the Brine Fill Injector?

Aquasure Support
Aquasure Support

To check the brine fill injector, locate the two screws that can be found below the brine line connection point on the control head. 


Once located, place the unit in bypass and have a few towels or possibly a bucket handy if water comes from this connection when removed.


  1. Unscrew the two screws and remove the black plate the screws were holding.


  1. Identify the two plastic inserts found within this connection; a circular insert and a rectangular insert.


  1. Remove each plastic insert and inspect for any clogging material. If clogging material is found, use a fine tip brush to scrub off and remove the clogging material.


  1. Reinstall each plastic insert and reattach the plate to the side of the control head with the two screws.


  1. Take the unit out of bypass and place it into the service position.


  1. Run a manual regeneration and confirm at the brine draw cycle that the water is beginning to lower within the brine tank. 


If no water is lowering within the brine tank at this point, stop the regeneration by pressing the UP and DOWN arrows together at the same time.


Your screen will show, ‘goto sr’ for a few minutes, and then display the main screen.


Follow with the next set of troubleshooting steps to check for a potential back pressure issue here