How Do I Check for a Back Pressure Issue?

Aquasure Support
Aquasure Support

To Check for a Potential Back Pressure Issue:


  1. A back pressure issue can be rare but is easily created when the flow of water for the drain line is restricted in some way, the line has some kind of impedance, or if the volume of drain water cannot be adequately handled/drained by the current connection (normally resolved with an air gap device). As a result, this can cause the brine draw to not function normally, resulting in filling water rather than drawing it out. 

*Height can also be a factor so please ensure that your drain line does not exceed 7-8 feet in terms of height where it is connecting to the dedicated drain connection.

  1. To determine if this is the issue, the first bail out the water till it is at least half a brine tank full of water. Then remove the drain line not from the control head, but from its current dedicated drain connection and place it directly into a laundry-style sink or a 5-10 gallon bucket if you have one (It should be a large water vessel/bucket as there will be quite a bit of drain water).
  2. Once disconnected, and the drain hose has been placed in the laundry style sink or 5-10 Gallon bucket, start a manual regeneration and then *skip to the BD.
  3. You only need to stay on the BD for 10-15 minutes or less to verify. After 10-15 minutes please press the up and down buttons at the same time to STOP the regeneration. During the first 10-15 minutes, determine whether or not you are starting to see the water level gradually start to lower within that 10-15 minute time frame.

If water from the brine tank begins to lower, the BD phase is working correctly and your current drain line setup needs to be rerouted in a way to allow proper drainage to occur. 


If there is no water lowering from the brine tank, stop the regeneration by pressing the UP and DOWN arrows at the same time. You will see 'GOTO SR' on the screen for a moment, then the screen will switch back to its normal default. Once the regeneration has stopped, contact customer support Monday-Friday 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM PST for further assistance.


Phone: 800-661-0680 



*To Skip Regeneration Phases:


Start a manual regeneration by pressing and holding the RECYCLE button until you see ‘goto bw’. 

Wait for the 015 timer to appear on the screen.

Once the  015 appears on the screen, press the same RECYCLE button to skip to the next phase, brine draw, or ‘bd’.