I found resin beads in my plumbing

Aquasure Support
Aquasure Support

Resin that escapes from the resin tank and ends up in your plumbing lines can be a sign of a couple of potential issues. To diagnose, try the following troubleshooting steps. 


Check the Inlet/Outlet Connections:

First, turn the dial on the bypass port marked ‘IN’ to the bypass position, and leave the dial on the ‘OUT’ port in the open position.

If possible, remove the drain line and let it run either into a bucket or free-flowing if you’re outside.

Hold the recycle button to start a manual regeneration.

Let the system run for between 5-10 minutes, then check the flow of the water coming out of the drain line.

If possible, get a short video of the water flowing out of the drain connection for assessment and send this to our Customer Support team email at support@aquasureusa.com.


Check the Bottom Basket

*If the bottom basket is damaged, then this could potentially allow the resin to flow up the riser tube with the water and through the lines.

Set the system into bypass (reference photo attached)

Unplug the control head from the top connection 

There are a total of 4 brackets around the bypass. Remove the 2 brackets closest to the control head. (reference photo attached)

Pull the tank away from the bypass, disconnecting the meter from the bypass

*There may be water inside that connection so you may want to place a towel over the bypass

Twist the control head off of the resin tank.

Pull out the riser tube from the tank and inspect the bottom basket for any damages. Send 2-3 photos to our Customer Support team at support@aquasureusa.com