My water is cloudy/salty

Aquasure Support
Aquasure Support

There are a few things that can cause cloudy or salty water in your home.


  1. There’s air stuck in the lines 
  2. Someone was using the water while the softener was going through a regeneration 
  3. Your brine line connection is not properly sealed 
  4. The float valve assembly is allowing too much salt to be pulled into the home 


First, check and make sure your brine line connection is properly sealed at its connection points. 


  1. Remove the blue clocking clip from the control head connection
  2. Press inward on the grey collet and pull the line free with your other hand at the same time
  3. Disconnect the brine line from the float valve assembly by pressing inward on the black collect and pulling the line free at the same time 
  4. Apply some silicone grease or food-grade oil to the ends of the brine line and reinstall to the connection points 


Next, check the time on your control head to ensure that it is set correctly in MILITARY time. *(Not set to military time, or a time that was incorrect could have caused the regeneration to occur at an incorrect time. Without knowing/expecting the regeneration and using water in the home, extra salt may have been pulled into the home from this.)


Next, run a manual regeneration to help flush the lines of extra salt.