My unit has low/no water production

Aquasure Support
Aquasure Support

There are a few things that can cause low to no water production from the reverse osmosis unit.


  1. The water is shut off at the stop valve and needs to be opened 
  2. The Flowlok has popped open (look for an expanded cotton disc) and needs a new disc and to be closed 
  3. There is a crimp in the output line causing flow restriction and needs to be rerouted 
  4. There is not enough air in the storage tank. An empty storage tank should be 8PSI. Check with an RO tank pressure gauge 
  5. There is a hole in the bladder of the storage tank (you can confirm this by confirming air does not stay within the tank) and the tank needs to be replaced 
  6. The tank is empty and needs 2-3 hours to fill 
  7. The home PSI is too low to support the unit and can be corrected with a pump 
  8. The unit was installed incorrectly. Please refer to the owner's manual.